September 8, 2014 - Lodha Palava

A City with Abundant Electricity and Water Supply

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24*7 Electricity and Water

24*7 Electricity and Water

Modern life has blessed us with two main necessities in life they are Electricity and Water. Our life has transformed due to the abundant availability of these two elements in our life. We cannot imagine a modern day life without them.

But in India, since there is a growing consumption electricity and water are becoming scarce in some place. There is frequent loading shedding in many parts of Maharashtra. The availability of water is also scarce in many parts, especially during the dry season. The scarcity created much hazel to the people living in those areas.

One of the localities where electricity and water are scarce is Dombivali. Located in the outskirts of Mumbai, Dombivali is a populated suburb in Maharashtra with a density of 8700 per square kilometer. As per 2011 censuses, the population in Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation (KDMC) is around 11 lakhs. However we can see a lot of load shedding in Dombivali and Kalyan city. Even there is a water problem in many parts of the city.

The problem can also arise in Palava City once it is fully operational. So for the same reason, Lodha Group has made a bond with Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) to have 24*7 electricity for the city for the next 25 years. Lodha Group will renew the bond with the State Government for more 25 years once the bond is completed. In the same manner Lodha Group has signed a bond with Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) for water supply. Now, there is 24*7 water and electricity supply in Palava City even though it is not available in other parts of Maharashtra. This agreement with the State Government will help Lodha Group in transforming Palava City into a world class megacity.

The constant effort by Lodha Group will transform it into one the most livable city by 2025. There are various other features of Palava City which will help in overall livability of the residents in Palava. Features like walk to work, 60% open space, planning of leading cities of the world, etc will make Palava a 21st century marvel. Palava city will be the first privately planned city in India and will be an inspiration to more such cities in the future. Palava will open a new chapter for Real Estate in India. Due to Palava, Real Estate will not only be a home for many or an investment but also become an asset to the investor segment.


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