July 9, 2014 - Lodha Palava

A Life of Leisure only at Palava City

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Palava Leisure

Palava Leisure

All of us need a leisure time every day. It may be in the evening after office, or at the night for television, or for a morning walk. Leisure time is a time which we give for ourselves, to discover and improve ourselves. A jog in the nearby park, a game of table tennis in the evening, a dive in swimming pool or a reading a book are all leisure activities.

The designers of Palava City have given a lot of thought about all the leisure activities. One will find a lot of Leisure activities in Palava City. Each cluster of buildings in Palava City will have a clubhouse. Club Casa Bella is already operational. Next clubhouse Club Casa Rio will be operational in the next few months.  There will be many clubhouses in Lakeshore Greens since it has 11 clusters. A lot of activities are available in the clubhouses. Gymnasium, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Badminton Court, Table tennis, carrom, spa with steam room is available. A separate library room with all the major titles is available to readers. The library is also equipped with all the major magazines for the readers.

Apart from this, Lodha Group is also developing a 100 acre Central Park which is 4 times bigger than Shivaji Park in Dadar. This Central Park will be the biggest in Asia and second biggest in the world. The other big Central Park in India is in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai of 66 acres. The Central Park is having a jogging track, yoga corner, kids play area, nana-nani Park and a temple. Also there is a Lake being developed by Lodha Group of 50 acres. There will be Lakefront Plaza around the Lake. Major hotels will be there in Lakefront. There will be all kinds of water sports in the Lake. There is an Arts and Culture centre where you will be able to exhibit your talents in front of like minded peoples. The culture centre will attract dance and singing artist from all over India.

A 9 hole golf course is developed by Lodha Group at the entrance of Casa Bella Gold. The entry to this Golf Course is at a nominal fee and any Palavite can join here for learning golf.

There are endless leisure possibilities available for residents in Palava City. Lodha Group has ensured that each resident spends his time in leisure and at most comfort.


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