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A Walkthrough around 18th Avenue

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18th Avenue Road

18th Avenue Road

Lakeshore Greens is the sector 3 of Phase 2 in Palava City. Lakeshore Greens is divided into eleven clusters of buildings. These eleven cluster offers flats of different configurations and also different lifestyle to the residents of Palava City. There is a 100 acre Central Park and 50 acre of Lake and Lakefront Plaza. There are make parks and open grounds in Palava City which makes it the highest open space city in India with up to 60% of open space. Paris, London, Singapore, New York and Mumbai are the role model in planning of this magnificent city. Every aspect in this city has been planned for future generations to come and flourish in Palava City.

Recently, Lodha Group launched 18th avenue in Lakeshore Greens. 18th Avenue Road is the biggest road in Lakeshore Greens. It stretches from Casa Uno in the north to Casa Cielo in the south. 18th avenue will be a total of 6 kilometers in length and will offer a high quality of lifestyle to Palava City. The 18th avenue will be the hotspot in Palava City when it is completed. In Mumbai, we have Bandra where all shop, restaurants, celebrities, business centers and education centers are concentrated. Same way once Phase two will be completed in December, 2018. 18th avenue will be the concentration spot will all leading banks, restaurants, eateries and business centers. All along the 18th avenue we will have these type of commercial spaces. Every type of commercial space will be available in 18th avenue road in Lakeshore Greens.

A person can start his own business in the commercial space along this road. You can have a sip of coffee in the café outlets and have a small talk with your friends. Business class people can close their business deals in one of the restaurants having a meeting with their peers. College and school students can take admission in the schools along this road and when they are bored with studies they can spend some time along this avenue road. Newly wed couples can buy clothes for themselves along the retails outlets along this road.

Like this the 18th avenue will be a good place to socialize with new people. Survey has shown that the property prices along any avenue road in the world attracts higher returns, around 3-5 times the nearby area. Same way 18th avenue will also be commanding in terms of real estate prices are concerned giving maximum returns to investors.


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