January 10, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Amenities at Walkable Distance in Lodha Palava

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Amenities at Palava City

Amenities at Palava City

The thought of finding your dream home can be nerve wracking. Terms like carpet area, saleable area, location, loan, budget, etc. bombard you whenever you visit a site. But what is more relevant when searching for your dream home? What if you find the best home, of course the one that suits your budget, but is at the most remote location of the city?

So you have shortlisted some options to buy your so called dream home. You have accustomed yourself with all the real estate jargons, which went over your head the first time you heard them. The most important parameter when looking for a home is obviously your budget next is the size of the flat which in turn depends on the size of your family. But many of us forget one major factor while buying home. The major factor that will mould your lifestyle is Relative Location.

Relative location plays a major role in finding a home. What is there at 2 kms, 5 kms and 10 kms from your home? Will anybody travel 10 kms or more just to fulfill their daily needs? I have seen people dropping their kids to school travelling more than 10 kms. I have seen people walking kilometers to find their daily groceries. People travel in train and buses for hours to reach their offices.

What actually defines the term ‘Relative Location’? Well it depends on the person buying the home. A family person will look for a home close to a good school, groceries or market place. A bachelor, who has just moved to the city, may look for something close to his office, a gym nearby would supplement his purpose. A recently retired elderly person will look for a locality that is quite and a place he can spend his evenings with his friends. Relative Location entirely depends on the priority of the person buying the home.

Lodha Palava offers everything at walk able distance from the buyer’s residence. Be it school, market, hospital, job, mall, clubhouse, park, etc. All are at 15-20 minutes’ walk able distance from your home.


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