March 15, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Appreciation In Golf Links Apartment

Golf link are one of the most premium property in Lodha Palava. The structure is built in such a way that huge amount of people are showcasing their interest in buying it. This property is not good only for end use purpose but it is also proving beneficial for investment purposes as well. The appreciation of such properties is also one the points that is influencing the buying of this property.

So, what are the reason that is helping in changing the demand for this magnificent property.

*) Living space: The property is constructed in the most luxurious way keeping in mind all the requirements & needs of a customer. Nowadays when there is the shortage of space in Mumbai. This property has already proved its existence by providing best living space compared to rest of the properties in this range.

*) Landscape: With the rise in construction activities in around the Mumbai, people are hardly left with any green landscape in their vicinity. But, in the Golf link Palava, this factor is also catered by having an entire garden area to yourself along with the full view of Golf club greenery. So, with getting up one can a look of the lush green field rather than have a look of concrete jungles.

*) Exclusivity: With faced paced life it is getting difficult for people to take out time for themselves. This property provides the consumer with an exclusive access to golf clubs. Golf clubs are very rarely constructed in Mumbai because of space deficiency. But, Palava has catered this by providing 9 hole golf course only to be used by residents of Golf links.

*) Status: Golf is always related with one of the most premium sport played by most of the elite crowd. A golf course facing apartment is now the new status of luxury. This permanent amenity  exclusive for golf link residents will only add to their luxury status.

Because of all these points, the appreciation is evident.


PS:  The Golf link property have given an appreciation of 20 to 25 % over non-golf link apartments



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