May 17, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Arts and Culture

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Living in a modern metropolitan city, takes us far away from the true essence of art and culture of our country. India is a country with rich and gorgeous heritage and cultural values. However, in our busy daily lives we tend to forget to appreciate the beauty of our culture. The hugely developing township of Palava City focuses to bring back that lost essence of art and culture into everyday life of the residents. Palava believes in blending modern facilities with vibrant and engaging roots of our culture.

The community of Palava City provides wide range of activities throughout the year to encourage and spread the knowledge about art and culture. Palava city provides an opportunity to the residents to learn various art forms in the campus by partnering with quality institutes. Kala Paricchay Bharatnatyam classes are one such platform open for the residents to learn the gorgeous dance form. Moreover, Shaimak Davar Dance Classes and Bhagwat Gita Classes are also coming soon to Palava City.

Moreover, Palava also hosts numerous workshops throughout the year, whether the residents get the chance to interact and explore various art forms. Local, national and international art forms are brought into Palava through these workshops. The workshops cover a wide range of activities – photography, aero-modeling, rangoli, book reading, lantern-making and many more. These workshops give an opportunity to the parents and children to spend time together learning about various new things. Along with workshops, professional performing arts events are also hosted by Palava City. Renowned artists in the field of dance, music, visual arts and theatre are invited to demonstrate the rich art forms. Both professional and hobby aspirants display their talent in the fields of performing arts and fine arts at Palava and encourage the residents to participate in the same.


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