March 1, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Bike Rally In Palava

Superbikes are always a dream for a young person. In recent years, the demand for superbikes has risen drastically. Superbikes rally a big event in Mumbai.  Bike rally has always a centre place of attraction. They have always been able to attract hundreds of people to their rally. But, this all happens in Mumbai, what about this mega city (Palava City), one don’t need to much more. The Palava organised its own superbike rally on 28th Feb 2016.

The rally was marked by bike enthusiast & their machine beast like Harley Davidsons & Triumphs. The rally started from Palm beach road & finished at Palava. The event was first of its kind. For now only a few bikes participants in this event. But, in upcoming times when the whole of the city will be developed the amount of people who will participate in such event will be much massive.

Bike Rally In Palava

Bike Rally In Palava

The rally will be like a big carnival & it will be worth watching; the young generation is already in love with this smart city. The first football stadium, international cricket stadium, a World-Class School & now a bike rally event. This just starts for a wonderful journey in Palava.


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