February 19, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Breaking News at Palava City

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Breaking News, Palava City

Breaking News at Palava City

Palava City is starting new services for its residents from March, 2015. Some of the services are listed below:

Palava Smart Card: This service is being launched tentatively from 15th March, 2015 for the residents of Palava City. Residents will be given an online portal and can access many services of Palava City. Using this card, residents can pay bills, shop online, give complaints and do much more.

911 service: Palava City Management Association will be starting a dedicated emergency number for Palavites. This number can be called in case of any emergency like fire accidents, burglary, emergency health issues, etc.

Medical Center: Palava city will be having a dedicated medical center. The medical center will offer good healthcare services to residents and prescribe proper medication.

University: Lodha Group is partnering with many leading universities in the world to bring world class education in Palava City. Already, Lodha Group has started Lodha World School in Casa Bella Gold and it will be starting Pawar School in this academic year. There will be total of 20 schools in Palava City and a 100 acre University for children’s of Palava offering education across genres.


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