July 17, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Casa Bella: City of Dreams

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Casa Bella

Casa Bella

‘Casa’ is an Italian word for House and Bella is for beautiful. So the actually meaning of Casa Bella is Beautiful House. Every one dreams of owing an apartment in Mumbai but it has become a distant dream considering the property rates here. People are shifting to other parts of MMR to buy a flat. Their dream is being realized in Dombivali by Lodha Group. Lodha Group has started a sub-brand called as Casa to build and deliver quality homes to middle class families.

Casa Bella is truly a world class township. It is spread across 47 acres of land. It has over 48 buildings in total and the building consists of 8 and 18 floors. There are more than 3000 families currently staying in Casa Bella. The construction work started in 2009 and the entire township was given possession in one go in 2013. All the basic amenities promised to them at the time of construction have been delivered. Lodha World School, Club Casa Bella, Golf Course, Lodha Easy Lease and Lodha Eco Drive Bus service has been started. Construction for Lodha Xperia Mall and Jupiter Hospital has been started and will be completed by the coming year.

Usarghar station is a proposed railway station near Casa Bella. It comes in Palvel Diva Vasai line. It will be one of the busiest station in the coming years. It comes between Diva junction in the north end and Nilje station in the south end.

The different buildings in Casa Bella are Elegenta, Suprema, Magnifica, Venecia, Regalia, Riviera, Majestica and Serena. Ulhas River flows right adjacent to Casa Bella. It flows to the south of Casa Bella, the Panvel Diva Vasai line is towards the north of Casa Bella and Casa Bella Gold is towards the East.

Around 60% of the area is open space in Casa Bella, which is much needed for proper circulation of air within the city. Every building has a separate open space in front of it. Apart from this there is a separate Olympic size stadium in Casa Bella which is the biggest in Dombivali area.

The value of property in Casa Bella has appreciated to a great extent. Lodha Group has started the project at 13 lakhs for a 1 BHK and currently the property value is around 45 lakhs. An appreciation of 300% in value. Casa Bella is truly one of the Beautiful place to live in Mumbai.


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  • Tarun says:

    I am interested in commercial shop in rent if u have then please let me know, has I planing to move in casa rio gold from next year.

    • admin says:

      We only deal with residential property in Palava City.
      You can contact the concerned authority for commercial space.

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