March 11, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Casa Fresco: A Fresh Life

Casa Fresco

Casa Fresco

Fresco is an Italian word which means fresh, cool. Fresco also indicates a type of painting used in the medical era across Europe.

Casa Fresco is a cluster with 12 buildings in it starting from A, B, C, D,…., K, L. Casa Fresco has a mixture of 2 BHK Optima, 2 BHK Ultima and 3 BHK Optima in it. Wings A, B, C, D, I and L will have mixture 2 BHK Optima and 2 BHK Ultima. Wings E and F will have 2 BHK Ultima. Wings G,H J and K will  have 3 BHK Optima. All buildings in Casa Fresco are G+18 floors. In total there will be, 612 2 BHK Optima’s, 272 2 BHK Ultima’s, 204 3 BHK Optima’s in Casa Fresco.

Casa Fresco Cluster

Casa Fresco Cluster

2 BHK optima built up area starts from 927 sq feet to 990 sq feet, 2 BHK Ultima built up area starts from 1089 sq feet to 1161 sq feet and 3 BHK optima built up area starts from 1332 sq feet to 1395 sq feet. All flats will have a loading of 32% on built up area. There will be two elevators in each wing of Casa Fresco. There will be a rescue floor in each wing in case of any emergency. There will be exclusive gardens in front of each wing in Casa Fresco.

Casa Fresco is surrounded by Taloja bypass road in the east, 18th avenue road and 100 acre Central Park in the west, Casa Urbano to the north. Casa Eviva, Casa Urbano and Casa Fresco are the three exclusive clusters in Codename Downtown project in Palava City.


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