August 2, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Casa Lagoona: Welcome to an Island in Palava City

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Casa Lagoona

Casa Lagoona

Lodha has embarked on a project involving the development of 4000 acres of land space in Dombivali. The size of this land is around 25% the size of South Mumbai. There are many cluster in Palava City that have been completed and some are under construction. One of them is Casa Lagoona. Casa means ‘cottage’ in Italian and lagoona means a ‘pool of water’.

There are 6 buildings and these are G+16 floors. There are 4 buildings comprising of 2BHK apartments and 2 buildings comprising of 3BHK apartments. Overall there are 384 2BHK apartments and 128 3BHK apartments in these 6 buildings. The 2BHK optima flats are 928 to 999 sq. ft. built-up in size and the 2BHK ultima flats are 1026 – 1062 sq. ft. built-up in size. The 3BHK apartments are 1197 – 1314 sq. ft. built-up in size.

To the west of Lagoona there is Casa Viento which is another beautiful construction being developed in Lakeshore Greens. To the north of the building there is the Lodha’s own Casa Elite which comprises of 20 buildings. There also will be a commercial hub just opposite the project which will attract many companies to set up and start their offices there. This will enable many residents to have jobs in these companies and have a ‘walk to work’ benefit. It is estimated that this commercial hub will create close to around 3 lakh jobs.

There are 2 elevators in the building of different sizes. There is a provision for fire safety and emergency situations in the building. These buildings are close to the lakeside. Residents of lagoona will get a majestic view of the lake from their homes. There is a facility for multi level car parking where cars will be parked in a building rather than on the streets. This makes a lot of free space available in palava city which can be used for leisure purposes and building parks. The lake promenade is only a few steps away from Lagoona. A hotel will also be developed adjacent to the promenade. The residents of Lagoona are in a better position as their apartments are facing to the lake.

Casa Lagoona is a very good investment opportunity as people investing in this property can earn a very good return over a period of 5-6 years as this place has an additional advantage over the other buildings as this is facing the lake.


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