July 24, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Casa Prima: The most Important Cluster

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Casa Prima

Casa Prima

Lodha Group is developing Palava City in Dombivali. The city is spread across 4000 acres of land and is a land parcel equivalent to one-fourth the size of South Mumbai.  In Palava City there is a cluster called as Casa Prima. As we know the meaning of Casa is Cottage and the meaning of Prima is ‘the leading one’.  The words are derived from Italian language. This cluster is one of the most important one in Palava City.

There are eleven clusters in Lakeshore Greens and Casa Prima is one of them. Casa Prima falls in between Casa Porto to the north, Casa Uno to the west, Casa Regalia to the south and the Taloja bypass road towards the east. This is one of the clusters where the premium location charges are very less. The premium location charges are applicable for garden facing apartments and the charges are around 180 per sq. feet. Apartments facing other side of garden will not be charged premium location charges. There are a total of 10 buildings in Casa Prima. Of these, there are 6 buildings which offer 1 BHK and 4 buildings offer 2 BHK Optima. All buildings in Casa Prima are of G+16 floors. There will be a total of 576 apartments of 1 BHK and there will be a total of 256 apartments of 2 BHK Optima in Casa Prima. So, there will be a total of 832 units in Casa Porto. This cluster will be very useful for small and nuclear families. Investors who are looking for investment with fewer amounts can invest in Casa Porto.

Casa Porto is divided into sections. The section which is towards the north will house four buildings, two of 1 BHK and two of 2 BHK Optima. The other section which is towards the south will house six buildings four of 1 BHK and two of 2 BHK Optima. There will be an internal road which divides the tow sections. Both sections will have two private gardens. These gardens are exclusively available for Casa Prima residents. There will be a mini clubhouse in Casa Prima.

Casa Prima is one of the best clusters to invest your money. The cluster will be away from the hustle bustle of life. Anyone who wants to lead a active life free from pollution and traffic can invest in Casa Prima. Living in Casa Prima will be like very close to nature yet accessible to the entire city.


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