July 16, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Civic Administration in Palava City

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Palava City

Palava City

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a ambition to create 100 smart cities in India during his tenure. His dream is being achieved on the Suburbs of Mumbai. Palava City is going to be the first Smart City in India. It will have a population of around 5 lakh people by 2025. It is being developed in three phases. The first phase is already developed and 22,000 flats have been sold in this phase. It is developed by Lodha Group, one of the premium real estate developer in India.

Palava City has to be an example to other cities in India to become a 21st century Smart City. To be an ideal city, Palava City has to do something which no other city has done till now. It has to do many this which other cities have not attempted to do till now. Civic governance is of the parameters in which Palava City is different.

In other cities, government authorities are the civic authorities. They travel in luxury cars, they never come to the streets where common man walks, they never drive on the roads where common man drives. So it becomes difficult for the authorities to administer the city. In Palava, the governance of the city is done by people living in the city itself. Street Lighting, Water Management, Security, Electricity etc. are being taken care of by the citizens of Palava City. No other city in India has a Civic governance of this type. A separate Civic Administration wing has been created by the people to run the city.

By 2025, Palava City will be one of the top 50 cities in the world to live in. So the maintenance of the city should be of world class. It has to compete with world cities to reach that spot. It can be achieved only by solving the grievances of the residents in the shortest time possible. Lodha Group has started two numbers for the resident’s purpose. First one is 911 number for any emergency condition within Palava City. The second number is 311 for any grievance from the residents end. Grievances like garbage disposal, water wastage, road maintenance etc. can be booked by this number.

Palava City is making the citizens involved in the civic administration. This one of the biggest target achieved by Lodha Group in creating the Future City of India.


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