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Codename: 18th Avenue | High Street

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Codename: 18th Avenue

Codename: 18th Avenue

In every city, people don’t just live they flourish. In today’s modern life, people work hard and party harder. People want to enjoy their life and live a more meaningful one. Bonding with close ones, friends and socializing is a very important part of our life.  We love to go out, have a sip of coffee and shop for ourselves and for our loved ones. In every city, there will be a place for shopping and leisure activities. Such a place is called as High Street. High Street is the most happening place of a city. It is the converging point for all businesses. High Streets are mostly located near a particular business centre.

There are many cities with High Street in the world. In Mumbai, we have Linking Road, Fashion Street and many other streets. In Bangalore, we have 100 feet road. In Kolkata, we have Park Street. In New York, we have 5th avenue. In London, we have Regent Street and in Melbourne, we have High Street Armadale. These entire streets are converging point for business. These streets are having high end shopping centres, cafes, restaurants, etc. These are the happening centres for these cities. The real estate prices in these areas are considerable more than the surrounding streets.

One such High Street is being developed in Palava City. It is called as the 18th avenue. This 18th avenue stretches from Casa Porto and goes up to Casa Cielo in Lakeshore Greens. Its total length will be around 6 kilometers. This street will be the most happening place in Palava City. Right at the start of 18th avenue is the commercial centre and it cuts through Lakeshore Greens. On both the sides of this street are the different clusters of Lakeshore Greens. The clusters are Casa Porto, Casa Elite, Casa Uno, Casa Prima, Casa Regalia, Casa Lagoona, Casa Viento and Casa Cielo.

In other cities like Mumbai, the city gets developed and then we have to find a street to convert it into a High Street. But, in case Palava it is different. Lodha Group is planning and developing the entire the entire street right at the development stage of the city. People living in 18th avenue will be more blessed from other parts of the city due to the above reasons. Everything will be available right below their building. 18th avenue will be the only High Street in Palava City.


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