November 22, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Codename The Center Master Plan

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Center Masteplan

Center Masteplan

The City Center: The magnificent place of a city.

One can compare a city center with the likes of other cities as in South Mumbai in Mumbai or the Connaught road in Delhi or the 5th Avenue in New York or the West End shopping district in London. The City Center is the prime business street of a particular town or a city. This City Center has it all for people to survive in the city. It becomes a confluence for all business to get started and create jobs for the residents of the city.

Lodha Group has been marketing a new project in Palava city for quite some time now. The project is ‘The City Center’. The City Center will be sector 4 of Phase 2 in Palava city. This sector will have 6 schools for the children’s of Palava, a world class university, a grand city level clubhouse, 100 acre central park that runs along the length of the city,  temples for various religions, civic administration office, arts and culture center, high street shopping centers, market area and most importantly Palava Monument. Some of clusters in sector 4 are Casa Eviva, Casa Urbano, etc. In between Lakeshore Greens and City Center (i.e. Sector 3 and Sector 4) is the grand lake and lakefront plaza. There will be a Children’s museum and Center for Performing Arts in between the lake. The lake will have water sports on one of its side. There will be lakefront plazas and hotels on one side of the lake.


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