March 8, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Codename Downtown Offers

Lodha Group has launched Codename Downtown in Palava City on February 22, 2015. On the occasion of Holi, Lodha Group is giving some offers to clients who come to book. These offers are available only for today.

The Offers for Today from Lodha Group are:

  • For 1 BHK: From 8th floor and above there will be same floor rise. That is the floor rise of 8th floor will be applicable.
  • Zero Booking Offer: For all for all inventories booked today. There is a booking amount of Rs. 45,000 for any inventory booked. The amount will be discounted once the client pays 20% of the consideration value.
  • An exclusive offer of 144psf discount is been given for any 2 BHK ultima flat is being booked today.

Client who are booking today are requested to look after the offers before booking. Prices to move up by 2.7 lakh on 1 BHK from midnight today.


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