September 28, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Codename Epic- The Safety and Security amenities


A perfect house should give you the warmth, the comfort and that sense of safety. Palava is already equipped with world class amenities for your comfort and luxury, and to top it up, it also has prepared itself with Safety and Security Measures. Palava, getting ready to become India’s first Smart City, is making the residents more and more assured when it comes to Security.

Palava is already on its way to become an anti-crime city, but until then- 24*7 Emergency Services and 3-tier security have been set up where anyone can call for any emergency situation. A first response team has been appointed which will be taking immediate action and reach any part of the city in under 15 min.


While Palava has a well-trained emergency team, it did not forget to keep a backup option. IBM’s global platform Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) has been deployed to monitor Palava’s operations and look out for its residents. Another way to have a safe system includes integration of lift and fire alarms, street level panic alarms and surveillance CCTV cameras monitoring the entire city.

Safety and Security comes with Access controls and proper Patrolling. Every citizen at Palava will be given a Palava Smart Card which will be an identification preventing random strangers into the development. And in addition to all these methods, Palava has highly appointed patrols issued all around the city to ensure safety of its dwellers!


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