October 6, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Codename Epic- Water and Power Supply

There are three things that are most essential to make four walls into a house: Good, strong walls, good people to stay in and a sustained water and power supply. Coming to water and power supply, Palava is already leaving all the prominent problems behind, being a leading candidate for becoming India’s first smart city. Palava has been designed to provide water and power supply to its residents and also, conserve it.
Palava’s Codename Epic is going to be a prudent water user but is still going to give its dwellers all kinds of facilities. A few of those include Reliability from MIDC for water supply, Reusing and Recycling of water for appropriate purposes, conservation of water using high tech water meters and sustenance by rain water harvesting. As a Franchise of Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd, Lodha Group will secure dedicated power distribution line for the townships which would ensure quality power supply.


Palava has also taken care of its power infrastructure to have an uninterrupted power supply to all its users. Without installing unfriendly and expensive instruments, this system plans to [provide continuous power supply using Open Access Agreements even in the time of load shedding. And with great power comes great responsibility (literally) which is why, to save energy Palava has installed renewable energy power sources to ensure an eco-friendly yet luxurious living.


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