April 19, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Codename Milestone Commercial Hub

Lodha Palava has around 4500 acres of a land parcel. Out of this land parcel till date only 270 acres of a land parcel has been developed & in the codename milestone a land parcel of 900 acres is been developed. In this land parcel of 900 acres many facilities will be introduced & one of the biggest development that is going to happen in this phase is introduction to a 100 acres of commercial hub

A commercial hub which will be home to several large houses in India. This entire area will generate lots of jobs . This concept of having home near to working place will not only make sure that people spend less time while commuting but will also ensure that employees can spend quality time with their families.

A commercial hub is always a boon to the residential market. The more developed the commercial zone the more it will affect the residential project rates. It is always observed that rates of property near the commercial building attract high rates compared to rest of the property. Also, commercial plays an important role in generating employments & also in the development of an area. An area of 100 acre will see lots of development in the field of commercial infrastructure.

This move will boost  the work-life balance among the residents & one can imagine how balance the life will become if your working place is near your home. This will also give a boost to walk to your office concept.


Commercial hub





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