March 3, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Coming Soon Xperia Mall

Coming Soon Xperia Mall

Coming Soon Xperia Mall

People asked us so many times about the Dombivali first shopping mall i.e Xperia Mall. A place which will be having a foothold of many international brands have generated curiosity since its proposition. We get lots of query from people who wants to know when the mall will be fully functional & what all brands will be having their outlets here.  So, the good news for all those people who wanted to have an update of the mall is that Xperia mall will be functional from April 2016. Lodha has chosen an auspicious date to inaugurate its offering to citizens.

Xperia Mall is one of the first malls in the Dombivali. The mall has lots of things on offering from India’s leading multiplex like PVR to India’s most famous food outlet Mc Donalds & also European-themed food courts to test  your taste buds.

Along, all these services malls will be having DG, Electric sub-station, escalators, lifts & fire room. One more good news regarding mall is that Xperia Mall has received CFO & No Objection Certificate (NOC) from govt. only occupancy certificate is remaining which is expected to receive by mid of this month.

Nearly 85% of retail space has been occupied till present date & remaining space is filling up fast. Just within one month, this mall will be fully functional. So, now no more spending lazy Sundays at home while you can have a mall just at walking distance from your door steps.



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