January 27, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Communities In Palava (Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma In Real)

Palava is India’s first smart city, Palava will possibly the answer for dream home for thousands of aspirants. With these huge numbers, it will soon become one of the most diverse Smart City. It is very much understood that people make community not the background of people that defies the community. It was witnessed that some developer only target particular community. However, Palava is exception to that clause. Palava have always accepted clients from different community thus making it more diverse. Palava has always been promoted as a township. Hence, there is never any focus on selling the flats to particular community, Palava has always believed in diverse community were each and every festival will be celebrated with same energy & same enthusiasm.

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People with different backgrounds will bring different flavour to the community. Each flavour will have its own charm. One can just dream how overwhelming! it will be see festivals from Diwali to Eid , from Lohri to Christmas all celebrated at same place. If one had seen tele series Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma, were people from different community resides in one society & they love to celebrate each and every festival with same energy. The same thought has gone behind building Palava with different community. This kind of structure will not only make place more vibrant with different culture but also will help in understanding different community. The way this can be imagined is that this Palava City will be a Mini India were different communities will stay and live together under same society.



Palava not only offer huge variants in residential, but will also provide commercial options to the residents. This new concept of walk to everything will not only save huge commutation time (commutation time which has been problem of Mumbai since very long time) but will also help person to spend more time with family & friends.

Lots of development is going on Palava. With launch of new project, activation of ongoing projects is only making this place worth investing, Palava has around 4500 acre of land parcel & still ample amount of construction work to be done. Palava will have club house for each society thus making it exclusive for particular society. Person usually looks for ideal retirement homes/second home and even end use homes & to one’s amazement Palava is providing all these variants to user. So, one can expect different communities opting for a Home In Palava.

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