September 8, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Connect the Dots with Intelligence, Technology and Infrastructure

Lodha Palava Smart City

In order to boost the economy and build a sustainable future for the country, the government has been vocal on its plan of building 100 smart cities by 2022. Recently, it has jotted down a list of cities that would be transforming themselves from the daily hassle driven maddening crowds to something meaningful, equipped and planned to sustain the outburst of population, technological advances globally as well as infrastructure needs to help the economy grow.

What this has done is that, people now know the uses, advantages and essentials of living in a smart city. Such cities are built by connecting seamlessly all the dots including human intelligence, technology and infrastructure. With this dream of matching the footsteps of the developed countries in order to maintain and develop well planned societies, the smart city project is the most ambitious one that the government has come out with.

Here in lies the basket of benefits that Lodha Palava residents would get as a result of this vision of the country and its people. This Palava city is almost on the verge of full functionality, after being developed in green and talking technology. Just like the thinking and famous stories of the successful entrepreneurs that see the opportunity before hand, by connecting the dots of ideas, the city has in itself connected the dots to eliminate possibilities of the futuristic problems that the developed cities of India are facing.


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