August 12, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Decongesting Mumbai

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Decongesting Mumbai

Decongesting Mumbai

Everybody would love to live in a world which is open, where we can walk, do some jogging, do some little exercise in the morning. Such kind of open space is very less in Mumbai and surrounding areas. Navi Mumbai has a little bit of open area. Such kind of open space is required for many reasons like circulation of air, healthy living of residents, etc. Mumbai is such a place with most population density. This increased density is because of various reasons. Less purchasing power, increased real estate prices, etc.

We have to develop more cities to remove the burden that Mumbai is currently taking. Navi Mumbai and Thane are already taking some of this load. But still more cities has to be developed by us considering the future of the City. Since Mumbai is much crowed many infrastructure projects are getting delayed. We got the Metro Rail project delayed by 4 years, Mono Rail by 1 year, Santacrus Chembur Link Road by more than 5 years. All these are happening due to the over congestion in the city.

Lodha Group is contributing to reduce the congestion in the city. They are developing an entire city on the outskirts of Mumbai to reduce its congestion. Palava will be a satellite city of Mumbai. It will be the most futuristic city of India. It will have the most recent smart technology to run the city. It will be one of the smartest city in the world. Casa Bella, Casa Bella Gold, Casa Rio and Casa Rio Gold are the township projects in Palava City. They come in the first phase of Palava City.

Now Lodha Group is developing the second phase of Palava City. This phase comes on Ambernath pipeline road which is 4 kilometers from the first phase. This second phase is spread across 650 acres of land. It will have 100 acre of central park, lake and lakefront plaza, high street, etc. This is the first time such kind of project is being developed in India. By 2018, the second phase of Palava City will be completed. Then Lodha Group will launch the third phase which is spread across 2500 acres of land.

By 2025, Palava City will be completed and its expected population will be around 5 lakhs. This will greatly decongest Mumbai city. Palava will help people in Mumbai to breathe more properly.


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