September 14, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Experts say “Picture abhi baki hai” in Codename Golden Tomorrow

The best is yet to come at Lodha Palava in Codename Golden Tomorrow


World’s largest real estate developers Lodha known for their quality and deliverability have launched their own Smart City “Palava” and recently pre launching their Phase 2.0 – Codename Golden Tomorrow. The expertise rightfully after launching Phase 1 that “Picture abhi baki hai” which means the best is yet to come at Lodha Palava.

Codename Golden Tomorrow is the newest baby in Phase 2.0 from Lodha Palava. The concept of IPO which is term broadly used in equity markets is implemented in the pre lunching of this masterpiece. This will facilitate an opportunity for the investors/buyers to acquire premium real estate at stunning rates. With the festive season right upon us and an auspicious time to buy a dream home in Palava.

This Phase of Palava city even gets bigger, better and brighter. Smart sized home without compromising the liveable space, , lake side promenade, India’s no 1 school in the vicinity, Olympic size sports complex, tax benefit-lowering the post-tax cost of ownership, museum and cultural centre and homes with less than 25K EMI per month is the icing on the cake making Codename Golden Tomorrow the perfect timely investment.


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