December 12, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Features of a Smart City Called Palava

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Palava Smart City

Palava Smart City

Our future cities will enable citizens to lead more comfortable life. Thanks to the technological advances we have seen in past few years. The boom of internet and smart phones has already enabled many services to the common man. IBM has been developing smart technology since 2006.

Smart Parking: There will be systems to alert drivers of available parking spaces. Residents will no longer have to waste time in searching for a place to park. This will help reduce time and pollution.

Intelligent Transport System: Vehicles will communicate with each other to provide real time data to the owners. GPRS in vehicles will enable real time tracking of them.

Tele-Care: Many medical consultations may not require visiting the doctor again. Many systems have no come up which allows doctor to regulate the sugar levels and blood pressure of their patience.

Traffic Management: Drivers will now be informed about the best possible to reach their destination cutting down on traffic, pollution and time. A centralized traffic management system will regulate traffic during emergency situations.

Smart Grids: Will provide required amount of electricity as and when there is demand. The power management will be done very efficiently.

Smart Urban Lighting: These will adjust the intensity of light as and when people will walk around the street.

Smart Taxi: These are already a reality now. We use apps in our smart phones to track available cars and reach destinations on time.

Palava City will have all these features enabled as part of its smart city initiative.


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