May 26, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Football In Palava

Palava has time and again showed the real estate market why this city is truly smart. The FIFA standard football stadiums  are hard to be found in India has & one of such ground is in Palava city. Each year city organises football league to encourage this beautiful game. Last year this league was a huge hit & whole of Palava was in football fever.

This year too Palava is organising football league in association with Navi Mumbai Football Club. This time, around 40 teams will be participating in the league & will compete with each other for the trophy. The matches are expected to start  from 28th May and go on till Aug 16. The matches will be played on weekends only  in Palava football stadium. The sitting capacity of the ground is 700 pax. The ground is expected to be filled with crowds.

Football is slowly growing on its reach in India. ISL played an important role in growing football as a sport in India. ISL is having 3rd highest viewership all around the world in Football.

With Palava league starting this weekend , the game will grow in stature.




Palava league


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