May 12, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Football Tournament Palava

Palava addressing the demand for short recreational activities, traditional games by customising the games to meet modern business needs. The popular sport in this field played by the guys is “Rink Football”, the shorter yet exciting version of traditional soccer. Rink Football or Futsal was introduced a decade prior, Palava management organised the first-ever Palava Corporate Challenge last week. The game was played by 32 teams on the FIFA standard astro-turf. Rink Football is a 15 minute game played on an astro-truf between two teams of 5 players each. Each half is of 7 ½ minutes. The boundaries are short & goal post is smaller. This is customised game hence rules varies as per consent.

Citing the need the customization in a game to provide an opportunity for the residents to enjoy the game and also making sure that they dont miss on any other opportunities. Palava too aims to provide its citizens the opportunity and best-suited facilities to experience sports, and identify their interest and strengthen them further.

The Palava Football Stadium is one of the few grounds in India which have received FIFA rating. Thus, making sure that palava residents are getting world class infrastructure as well as support staffs.The corporate challenge brought together top corporate companies to participate in a new beginning . After this success it is expected that more encouragement will be given in this front as well.


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