February 25, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Free Wi Fi In Palava

Palava is one of the first smart city in India & it is not smart just because of its massive infrastructure or because of quality homes it provides. It is a smart city even if we consider it a connection with the world i.e whole Palava city is connected with wifi. Isn’t that amazing a place where internet connectivity is not an issue.  Even In recent events huge emphasis was given on internet connectivity by prime minister of India (Mr Narendra Modi). So, to stay ahead of the competition Palava started a wifi channel for whole city.

This is big news for people who like to stay connected to virtual world, now they can do so in Palava even if they are walking in park in this smart city.  Internet has been a revolution during last decade & with most of the business turning up to ecommerce for better scalability this step will only boost the USP of Palava city. A free wifi in common area is one of the new initiatives that are shaping designs of a smart city. Govt has mentioned that they will soon provide free wifi in railway. So, that it self shows how important it is to stay connected to world. As world is changing each second it is very important to stay in touch with development happening in the world.

wifi pic


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