February 20, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Ganesha Temple Lodha Palava

Lodha Palava is complete city & an additional feature of the city is the Ganesha temple. A place where people connect with all mighty & forget about their stress & pain.  

Ganesha has a special place in hearts of Mumbaikars. People celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with all the love & emotion. Some even consider this festival above Diwali. A Ganesha idol in a home or near home is considered as a good fortune. As Ganesha is a god  that is remembered before starting any work, a temple of same within the vicinity; will only mean one thing which is prosperity & peace. 

A temple is walkable from Rio gold apartments so one now don’t have to wait for right moment to go to the temple. With temple at walkable distance from your home. One can go anytime they please. The Palava witnessed the inauguration of the temple on 9th Feb 2016 which lasted for 3 days and was witnessed by hundreds of devotees.

After the inauguration of the temple, there are hundreds of people visiting this temple every evening. The Temple is also having a beautiful design & landscapes which only make this temple more pleasant site for relaxing & connecting to the god. Ganesh temple


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