May 11, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Glimspe of Casa Carnival

Recently Palava city celebrated the Casa Carnival, the event was witnessed by hundreds of residents. This event started last year & this year celebrated its 2nd year. The event was a successful one and the inauguration was done by the most senior citizen with the sole purpose of seeking their blessing. The event was marked with lots of activities & covering the entire event in a small article is not possible thus we are only covering glimpse of Casa Carnival event.

Casa Carnival inauguration was done by senior citizen to seek their blessing. After the inauguration, the fun ride begins. There were many events which were stand out among all events. The fashion show of two most important person in a male life (Wife & Daughter) walked the ramp to give that extra glamour quotient to the event. The event children showcasing their hidden talents like cheerleading, dance, singing & other events.

This event was massive in respect to last year event. The crowd was supportive & encouraging. Kids have their fun and families had their outings.

Palava city is just spread over 250 acres for now but soon this will cover entire 4500 acres and the carnival at that point will be much more grand & much more exciting. Casa Carnival



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