August 3, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Lodha Palava: High Street Living

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High Street Living

High Street Living

High Street Living is a new concept in City planning. Across the Whole world, High Street is a focal point of business. High Streets are more than the retail centre. They are the place where people live and their life revolve. People socialize access services over a sip of coffee with their friend as they watch life pass by. They shop till they drop. It has been found that most of the shopaholics live in and around high street of a city. Most of the business centre’s are around the high street.

With everything around their street, High Street residents live a celebrity life. The real estate price is also more near high street than other streets.

Some high streets in India are Linking road Bandra. The real estate price in this place is almost 5 times more than the nearby area. It has everything from retail stores, café shops, business centres, etc. Bangalore 100 ft road is another example. It is India’s hottest F&B hub. It boosts more than 85 restaurants which is highest in India. The real estate prices in this place are 3 times more than nearby area. In Chennai, the high street is called as Ranganathan Street. It has many retail centre’s and restaurants. The real estate price in this place is 3 times more than nearby area. In Kolkata, we have Park Street. Is the numero-uno entertainment hub of Kolkata. Real estate prices are 4 times higher than nearby areas.

Around the world many places like in New York we have 5th avenue, in London we have Regent Street, in Melbourne we have High Street Armadale, etc. There are many other High Streets in the world. All these are of high premium and happening place in that city.

Lodha Group is also developing a one of a kind high street in Palava City called as the 18th street. This street stretches the entire stretch Lakeshore Greens. The street will comprise of café shops, retail outlets, services, etc. It will start from the Commercial Hub developed by Lodha Group in Sector 1 and 2. People now investing in Lakeshore Greens will live a premium life once the city is developed by 2016. Lakeshore Greens will be the only sector in Palava City Phase 2 to have a High Street. People from other sectors have to come to 18th avenue to shop, eat and spend their time in leisure.


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