July 22, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Infrastructure Projects: To boost property in Palava City

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Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Projects are of great importance for the development of a place. Infrastructure Projects connects different part of the region for various purposes like business, economic activity, tourism, defense, etc. In India, Infrastructure Projects are developing in slow manner which has to change. Currently, a lot of infrastructure Projects has been announced for Palava City. We will discuss all these projects in this article. Ghatkopar-Ghansoli Link Road: A sea link will be constructed between Ghatkopar and Ghansoli. The bridge will start from the Eastern Express Highway near Ghatkopar and will end towards the junction between Ghansoli and Kopar Kharine in Navi Mumbai. The bridge will be further extended towards Palava City till Shilphata Junction. Already, the construction for 3+3 lane has been started in Mahape. Expansion of Kalyan-Shil Road: The Kalyan-Shil road which connects Kalyan on one end and Shilphata on the other end will be expanded to 6 lanes Highway. The existing road is of 2+2 lane and is the closest road to Palava City. Palava City will house 5 lakh people in the next 10 years. So to reduce this conjunction the road has to be expanded. Airoli-Dombivali Tunnel Project: A tunnel will be constructed between Airoli and Dombivali. There is a hill which separates Airoli and Dombivali. MMRDA has decided to construct a tunnel on this hill for the easy movement of vehicle. People coming from Central Suburbs can directly go to Palava city using this tunnel rather than going from Mahape. This will reduce travelling time from 30 minutes to less than 10 minutes. Monorail between Kalyan and Kharghar: MMRDA is planning to build a monorail between Kalyan and Kharghar. The Monorail will have 2 stations in Palava City. One station will be in Casa Rio in Phase 1 and the other station will be in Phase 3. The monorail will start from Kharghar, pass through Taloja, move towards Shilphata, take a right towards Palava and then will move forward to Kalyan. The monorail will greatly boost public transport between Navi Mumbai and Kalyan-Dombivali. Currently, only bus transport is available between these two municipal corporations. The last Infrastructure Project planned for the entire MMR is the Navi Mumbai International Airport by MMRDA. The construction of the Airport will start in 1-2 years and will be completed in 5 years time. Many Infrastructure projects will be announced in the years to come for Palava City.


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  • S Daas Nair says:

    Most important is connectivity to Mumbai. Which is still a concern. Once Airoli-Dombivali tunnel project and Ghansoli – Ghatkopar bridge take place, then it is good place to stay. Authorities must take a note of it and improve the connectivity earliest

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