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International firms Designing your Dream Home just for you!!!!

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Palava City

Palava City

Great Cities in the world are designed by Great Minds. Although the worlds great cities like Paris, London, New York, etc. were designed decades back, they are still modern and can sustain for coming couple of centuries. These cities are very citizen friendly, pollution free and are very beautiful. A lot of people have spent hours to design these cities and bring them to the current state.

One of the most livable city in India, Palava City has been shaped by many international firms for this purpose. By 2025, Palava City will be one of the top 50 cities to live in the world. The firms associated with Lodha Group for designing Palava City are Sasaki, Buro Happold, Mott MacDonald and IBM.

Sasaki: Is the master planner of Palava City. The firm has designed various projects like Beijing Olympic village in China for the Olympic games in 2008.

Other projects by the firm include:

  • Wilmington Waterfront Park- Los Angeles, CA
  • Dudley Square Municipal Office Facility- Boston, MA
  • University of Pennsylvania Penn- Philadelphia, PA

After completing Beijing Olympic village project, Sasaki started the work of Palava City. The master plan was completed by October, 2010.

Buro Happold: This firm is the engineering consultancy of Palava City. All the buildings in Palava City are designed by this firm.  The firm is now involved in more than 100 projects across many mojor. Some of the majors dealt by this firm are:

  • City Diagnostics & Strategy
  • Environments & Resource Management Optimisation
  • Infrastructure & City System Optimisation
  • Intelligent Development & Masterplanning
  • Programme Delivery & Enablement

Mott MacDonald: Is a firm that deals with implementing the different projects. The construction of a city involves a lot of criteria’s to be met. With over 42 years of experience this firm is one of the successful tie-ups by Lodha Group. One of the successful projects of this firm is the Delhi metro.

IBM: This firm is looking forward to convert Palava City into a smart city. In a smart city, everything is controlled by technology. Optimization of water usage, electricity wastage control, security,  etc is looked after by this firm. The main goal of this firm is to make Palava more smarter.

Lodha group is very much dedicated in making Palava City one of the best cities in the world to live in. Their dedication will earn them a very good name in the real estate world.


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