October 26, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Invest wise with Codename Epic

Haven’t all of you out there either looking for homes or keeping in touch with the realty market in the city heard in the near past about the high prices, faltering sales, empty buildings, and huge project failures in the city?? Yes a part may be true about all that you have heard, but the signs of the industry in the city are quite contrasting to the way the sales and performance of the sector in and around the smart city area.

The Palava smart city, by the esteemed developers have gained a special landmark status in the hearts and minds of the dwellers for the initiation and the on track development of an ambitious smart city development project. The various clusters being unveiled one after the other have seen rewarding growth and demand in the years after.


Codename Epic, the most recent of the clusters to be unveiled, is looking promising and exciting in the established smart city project due to many assisting reasons. Current low prices, annual appreciation rates beating inflation and other market and investment opportunities, connectivity, demand, low supply of superior quality homes, smart city status are all the factors that have made this cluster more rewarding than expected not only by the developers but all the pundits having their keen eyes on such investment avenues in this sector.

Wise buyers need not be reminded of these opportunities at hand and the wise thing in decision making of investing now, is supplemented by the festive sentiments in the rates and other deals at offer.


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