September 8, 2015 - Lodha Palava

IOT and Arsenal Selection Opportunity for Palava City Residents

Lodha Palava Football

With a thumping crowd of millions cheering and fans worldwide chanting your kids name after he scoring a thunderous goal in the back of the Emirates net at the home ground of Arsenal FC. This is only a dream for all the football enthusiast dads out there, but, only up till now.

Lodha Palava, the smart city that has made everyone look up to it in awe for its superb infrastructure and opportune conditions, has pulled out yet another jewel out of its bag. This time it is the first of its kind trials for kids for Arsenal soccer schools development program in association with India On Track (IOT).

What this exclusive opportunity means is the chance to be selected and train to play in the attacking Arsenal style right from the age one kicks the ball. This is possible just by being one of the esteemed residents of the wonder in Mumbai developed by a reputed Real Estate group foraying into development of sustainable smart cities.

The first selection and trials took place at the Palava Titans FIFA certified turf where kids from all over the city travelled but for the residents it was a small walk from home which meant conservation of energy to be used on field and advantage of playing in home conditions. So this is what the spots enthusiast must look forward to in the coming seasons of trials for these world renowned clubs.


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