July 15, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Is Palava going to be an Education Hub of Mumbai ??

Palava is developing at a crazy speed & coming with various facilities like housing, education, healthcare infrastructure. Most of the clients are interested in Palava as they can avail homes with luxurious amenities at very affordable prices. All amenities & all facilities are available at a walkable distance. Approximately 25000+ families are living in Palava already. So, various developments are proposed & most of the amenities & facilities are operational.

It is Lodha’s vision to make world class education system available to every one of Palava’s young citizen. The Sriram universal school will be set up in the ‘Lakeshore Greens’ neighborhood  of Palava & is expected to cater to students from Nursery to class XII. It will be one of over 20 schools planned in Palava. Currently Palava has two schools operational ICSE schools- Lodha World School and Pawar Public school. With this one of its kind alliance, the residents of Lakeshore greens in Palava will get an enviable chance to enroll their children into India’s top educational institute and that too located just a short walk away. The Sri Ram universal school in Palava is expected to carry the legacy of being progressive, secular, child centered and committed to providing quality education to all their students.

Palava’s upcoming multidisciplinary university is a testament to the city’s foresight. This institution will be affiliated to international academic titans & will work with the city’s various institutions- such as centre of Arts & Culture and the hospital- to offer truly immersive learning experience. With a focus on attracting highly accomplished faculty & ample resources for research, the university aims to create a culture of constant learning & innovation in the region. Over 100 acres have been set aside for this prestigious university. The first phase of the university will be ready by 2017.

With all these developments Palava will surely become the education hub of Mumbai. Where Mumbaikar’s can avail nursery schools, highschool, colleges & universities for their kids in the same place at walkable distance.







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