February 24, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Karate Class In Palava

Palava city is one of the mega-cities that will change the look of a place. A Smart City which will change the way people stay in the city. Palava promised a world class club house which they delivered, they also promised an international cricket stadium that to they fulfilled. They promised  a lot of extracurricular activities for kids & they are fulfilling that also.

Palava has started a class for Karate in the multipurpose hall for kids. Hundreds of kids are attending that class and are learning a lot from the same. The trainers are well educated so teaching is never an issue. The progress of the same can also be calculated by their performance. Recently a tournament was held in this Mega City. A tournament was organised by World Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Organisation (WFSKO) , Govt of India & Indian Olympic Association. This tournament received participation of 120 kids from across the Maharashtra. To everyone’s amazement Palava kids received 18 gold medals, 12 silver & 19 bronze medals.

Karate Class In Palava

Karate Class In Palava

This city is not only providing a place where one can reside easily but also providing an environment to nurture their talent & also make them follow their passion and dreams. Whoever thought that all that was promised by Lodha is vague, are now feeling the change; by observing that whatever was promised to them are soon turning into a reality.


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