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Key Distance to Palava City

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Key Distance of Palava

Palava a sprawling city near Mumbai came into existence in 2009 with the development of Casa Bella. Here we are listing all the key distance from Palava City to other parts of Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).

Palava city is 7 kms from Dombivali station. It will take around 15 minutes to reach Dombivali station with ones car. In the same lines, Palava city is 11 kms from Kopar Khairne Station or Ghansoli station. It will take 20 minutes to reach these stations by car.

Palava city is 20 kms from Thane Station via the Mumbra bypass road making it reachable within 30 minutes from this station. Likewise, Vashi station is 15 kms from Palava city which again makes it less than 30 minutes to reach from Vashi station.

Palava city is about 25 kms from the business hub of Powai and SEEPZ via Airoli. One can reach these locations in less than 45 minutes drive. In the same lines, Palava is less than 40 kms from International Airport of Mumbai. Again one can reach the international airport in less than 45 minutes via Vashi and Santacrus Chembur Link Road.

Palava City is about 35 kms from Mumbai’s business hub BKC. One can easily reach BKC from Palava via the Vashi and Santacrus Chembur Link Road. It will take one less than 45 minutes to reach BKC from Palava. Palava city is less than 40 kms from South Mumbai via the Eastern Freeway. One can reach Palava city in less than an hour from South Mumbai.


Locations Distance (Kms) Time (minutes)
Dombivali Staion 7 15
Kopar Khairne/ Ghansoli Station 11 20
Thane Station 20 20
Vashi Station 15 <30
Powai/SWEEPZ 25 <45
CS International Airport 40 <45
BKC 35 <45
South Mumbai 40 <1 hour

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