March 17, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Library In Palava

Palava is one of the first smart city in India. Palava as a mega city poised to cater all needs of human being & in pursuing the same, this mega city has announced an exclusive library for the residents of Palava. The motive behind this initiation is to help children, students and even adults to spend quality time learning something new. This will also help in developing reading habits among the people.

The library is called as My library which is exclusive for the residents of Palava. This library is opened in association with British Council. One can expect thousands of book available to your at your door step. Now, no more waiting for the delivery boy to deliver the book of your liking. As this library also offers a pickup and drop service of the book for your need.

This library will consist of biographies, novels, short stories, children tales & many more genres. An enthusiast can order an unlimited number of books from this service. Along with hard copies, there will be more than 1 lacs e-books available for one’s liking. So with so many options available for bookworms it is the right time for them to start doing what they love the most i.e reading books.


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