November 14, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Lodha Palava Codename The Center

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Codename The Center, lodha palava, palava city

Codename The Center

Ever imagined living in the heart of a city where everything is at accessible distance of your home? Ever imagined living at the heart of a city would increase the value of your flat cost with a premium? Ever imagined living at the heart of a city means living a celebrity life with all good things blessed for you?

Now you can. We welcome you to the world of Palava’s City Center. City Center is Sector 4 of Palava City. A sector which is surrounded by a 100 acre Central Park, world class university, grand clubhouses, high street retail, Palava monument, art and culture center, etc. People living at the City Center will have access to all luxuries of live just at walking distance from their home.

The 100 acre Central Park which breathes open space into Palava City will have 2 lack trees planted in it. The Park which will have all the facilities for a child to an adult.

The Palava monument will be in the lines of The Gate way of India in Mumbai and India Gates in Delhi.

The World Class university will educate students in all fields of education. The university which is spread across 100 acres will be just near to The City Center.

High Street Retail will have all the big brands of the world to converge into this place and setup their outlets. People from all over Palava will converge here for their shopping and dinning needs.

The art and culture center will be a place for young and old talent to grow and exhibit them.

The Pre Launch of The City Center is starting from 15th November, 2014. The bookings are open now and one can book a flat with a token amount of just 45000 rupees. The person has to pay a total of 5% within 21 days of booking, of the flat cost.


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