April 16, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Lodha Palava Milestone over view

Lodha Palava milestone is new launch by Lodha group. This launch will be huge & grand. The inventories which will be available to the consumers will be the best. This codename will have all the big infrastructure associated with it. From having a 100 acres of central park which is in the line with New york central park will embrace the people of Palava. This huge land parcel entirely dedicated to Lodha Palava resident will be a huge USP for them.

This project will also have a Palava center for culture & art works. The place where all will come & flaunt their work. This is not just all an area of 100 acres will be dedicated for the commercial hub of the city. The people can now enjoy going to office from there home & distance will be hardly anything.

This is just building too what was just an imagination. The people can actually feel the difference or actually the progress. This is just 5% of development as till date only 270 acres of area has been developed & still more than 4000 acre of land is yet to be developed. If starting is such huge the upcoming development will be much grand.


Impression of field




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