October 1, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Lodha Palava phase I and phase II connectivity

Palavacity phases connectiityLodha Palava already is creating a lot of fuss in the real estate market. It is showing rapid development since the day it was launched. Certainly is the talk of the town. With over 30,000 families already living a smart life in Palava smart city. Lodha has developed this project and their conscientious planning and foresight are evident in every aspect.
After the success of Phase I, Palava city pre launched their phase II. This phase of Palava gets bigger, better and brighter. Smart sized apartments without compromising any liveable space. Other features like Olympic sports complex for Palavians. Riverside promenade, cultural center and museum. The highlight of this phase is homes with EMI at Rs 22,500.
Palava connectivity is its major attribute in attracting customers. Major stations like Dombivli, Kalyan, Diva, Koparkhairne, Ghansoli are easily accessible from Palava. Dombivili is just 9kms away whereas Kalyan, Koparkhairne and Ghansoli are just 12 kms from Palava. Newest development is that MMRDA is also planning a DP road which connects Lodha Palava phase I and phase II. Apart from this, man other projects of flyovers are being planned on Kalyan-Shil road to reach Palava.
Indeed a speedy development has been witnessed and in no time Palava price is going to sky rocket. Both the phases are unique in their each way. They are like siblings, equally important for Lodha and that is visible in the outcome of their projects. This is just the 5 % of the developed projects in Palava and its already reaching sky high. Lodha aiming Palava city to be among the top 50 cities in the world and are on the right way for that journey. With the festive season upon, Lodha Palava also is offering mouthwatering discounts. Truly the perfect time to invest in Palava city.


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