April 18, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Lodha Palava Surprise Milestone

Lodha Palava is coming up with its new activation with the name of “Milestone”. Milestone will be one of the integrated townships in Lodha Palava. So, what are the feature that will be under this aspiration by Lodha. The pace of construction is at par with what was promised. The growth story of Palava is visible to all. Codename Milestone is spread across a land parcel of 900 acres. This is one of the most advanced society at the present moment.

So, what makes this the best possible answer to your home seeking.

*) A 900 acre of land parcel all at the one area. Unlike previous land parcels which were scattered around this huge parcel is at one place & everything will be developed in this area only.

*) Inside this 900 acres, a land parcel of 7 Acres will be entirely be dedicated to the sports activity. The sports zone will be having an Olympic size swimming pool, badminton arena which can accommodate 3000 persons. This area will be less by everything you need.

*) This area will have a cultural hub which will be the center of every action. The cultural hub will be on lake & designed by one of the top designers of the world.

*) A 100 acres of central park on the line of central park of New York will embrace the daily lifestyle of Palava residents. The park will be having jogging track & trees to keep the environment pollution free.

*) India’s top school Sri Ram School is coming in this land parcel. Along with this top school one more school is coming up which is not yet disclosed. But, a CBSE school in the vicinity will be an add on to the residents.

PS: The great living legend Mr. Amitabh Bachan has booked 8 flats in one of the buildings in this land parcel. So, you should not feel afraid of saying that you are living in the neighbourhood of the celebrity.




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