April 14, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Lodha Palava Workshop

As summer is approaching summer holidays are  in every kid’s mind. Summer vacation is also in the mind of parents. They want that this holiday should be utilized in best possible way. A summer break of 2 months is a long period. So, Lodha Palava will open workshop for the students.

There will be different workshop like story telling, Aero modelling, Lantern making, Book reading etc. All these will be exclusive for the kids. Kids can enjoy what ever field they like and can strengthen their strong suit through these workshops.

Lodha had started an initiative to give something back to its society. These workshops are entirely dedicated to developing a kids future & interest. The workshop had been started since last year & was a huge hit among the kids. This time too it will be a mega fair for a limited duration. Kids are already enrolling in workshops & count will rise. Lodha Palava workshops are a new hit among the kids.


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