April 11, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Lodha Times April 16

Lodha Times are the quarterly newsletter. The purpose of releasing this newsletter is to keep residents of Palava upto date with the development. People are generally not aware of any updates happening in the premises. This is a brilliant way to know about the Palava city.

People often not get time to read everything & if they can have access to information which they want to seek it will be a huge boost for the residents.

The highlights of this quarterly newsletter are as follows

*) A detail information was given on 24*7 multi-tier security system. The point covers all the concerns of the residents like how the neighbourhood is important for keeping security on alert.

*)There was an entirely dedicated section for the CEO of bookmybai, where he answered the query about how he got this idea , how he cater trust factor & how he hired the people in his organisation.

*) The newsletter also covers about the how corporate events are changing the culture in Palava.

This newsletter is a huge success & we hope Palava will continue to do the same


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