April 28, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Milestone Heart of Mumbai Sister City


Palava city is spread across 4500 acres in Dombivali. This city is located near Mumbai & is commonly known as the sister city of Mumbai. The City is one of its kind & is equipped with all the major amenities & facilities. The city is having one of the finest parks, sports centre, pools , golf courses etc.

Milestone is one part of this mega city. The milestone is the second phase of Palava city, this phase is spread across 900 acres and is one of the most integrated neighbourhood in Palava city. The reason it is called as a sister city of Mumbai is because this land parcel of 4500 acres will have every thing in its armoury.

Palava city is already having an international sized cricket stadium & football stadium, This city is having a central park of 100 acres which is on the line of New York central park , to encourage walk to a home concept, Palava has introduced a 100 acres commercial region. An Olympic size swimming pool is also present in the township, township would be a wrong word to describe this massive city, it is a city in itself. The  variants in residents also vary, the amount of option available to customers is huge. The city is just started to take shape, at present only 5 % of development has been completed  & still lots of development is on cards.

Milestone is located in the land parcel of 900 acres & is the center of the Palava city. This can turnaround as one of most important neighbourhood as this is having all the modern amenities & infrastructure. Milestone is one of the most important land parcel in whole city hence it is termed as “Heart of Mumbai Sister City”.



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