November 25, 2014 - Lodha Palava

MIVAN Technology at Palava City

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Mivan Technology

MIVAN technology is being used to build all the buildings in Palava City. The technology was developed in 1990’s by a European Construction company. This technology is been used extensively in Europe, Gulf countries and in America.

MIVAN is used to develop large number of houses in a short span. It is mostly used in places where the houses are of same size and shape. Formwork as it is said in construction is used for this purpose. RCC is poured into the formwork and given the shape of walls, slabs, pillars, etc. Buildings made from MIVAN technology are erected in less span of time, has very low maintenance and does not require maintenance for around 30-40 years. Moreover, the structures made from this are unbreakable which increases the life span of the building.

Uses of Mivan Formwork:

  • 3S – System of Construction – Speed, Strength, Safety
  • Column and beam construction are eliminated
  • Walls and slabs are cast in one operation
  • Easy to handle light weight pre-engineered aluminium forms
  • Fitting and erecting the portion of shuttering
  • Concreting of the walls and slabs together


  • Mivan formwork requires relatively less labour
  • More seismic resistance
  • Increased durability
  • Lesser number of joints and reduced leakages
  • Higher carpet area
  • Smooth finishing of wall and slab
  • Uniform quality of construction
  • Negligible maintenance
  • Faster completion

MIVAN technology is being used to develop all buildings in Palava City. This proves the construction quality given by the developer to their customers.


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