March 29, 2016 - Lodha Palava


It has been less than a year since MyPalava an exclusive app for Palava residents have come into limelight. It has got a tremendous response from the residents of Palava. Poised to be one stop solution for residents, MyPalava is a huge success already.

Some of the people feedback on MyPalvava are as follows:

*) Convenience on fingertip

*) Useful application

*) Very useful & thoughtful, every aspect of living covered, service prompt too good

above are few feedbacks from the residents which suggest that this has been a great achievement by this mega city. MyPalava is considered as one stop solution for every problem of people staying in Palava. Now, one don’t have to go to offices to get their things done they just have to click one button & their problem will be solved. The concept behind this app is to make life simple for residents.

This smart city is creating a new benchmark for people who are staying there & also for other developers to look & follow their footsteps.



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