• July 17, 2014 - Lodha Palava

    Casa Bella: City of Dreams

    Download the E-brochure of Palava City ‘Casa’ is an Italian word for House and Bella is for beautiful. So the actually meaning of Casa Bella is Beautiful House. Every one dreams of owing an apartment in Mumbai but it has become a distant dream considering the property rates here. People are shifting to other parts […]

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  • July 16, 2014 - Lodha Palava

    Civic Administration in Palava City

    Download the E-brochure of Palava City Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a ambition to create 100 smart cities in India during his tenure. His dream is being achieved on the Suburbs of Mumbai. Palava City is going to be the first Smart City in India. It will have a population of around 5 lakh people […]

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  • July 15, 2014 - Lodha Palava

    Palava City: An Investors Heaven

    Download the E-brochure of Palava City Every Investor wants to invest in a project which gives a guaranteed return to them. A good investment is one which is of minimum hazel to the investor and gives maximum return. Real estate has become a very good investment option over the years to the investors, who originally […]

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  • Download the E-brochure of Palava City As a Mumbaikar we expect a railway connectivity in any locality we go. Railways are a very important source of connectivity for Mumbaikars. It is one of the cheapest and most convenient way of transport. More than 50 lakh Mumbaikars use railways on a daily basis for office, school, […]

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  • July 14, 2014 - Lodha Palava

    Transforming Dombivali into a World Class City

    Download the E-brochure of Palava City Dombivali is a Suburb in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Dombivali is around 50 km from Mumbai and 20 km from Thane. It is renowned for its Marathi culture and high literacy rate. Dombivali was first documented in 1075 by King Harpal Dev, who ruled near Mahul village near […]

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  • July 12, 2014 - Lodha Palava

    Lodha Group: Master Mind of Palava City

    Download the E-brochure of Palava City Lodha Group is a premier real estate developer in Mumbai. They are currently developing more than 38 projects in and around Mumbai from South Mumbai to Dombivali. They are the largest developer in Mumbai and one of the leading in the country. They are developing more than 29 million […]

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  • Download the E-brochure of Palava City Great Cities in the world are designed by Great Minds. Although the worlds great cities like Paris, London, New York, etc. were designed decades back, they are still modern and can sustain for coming couple of centuries. These cities are very citizen friendly, pollution free and are very beautiful. […]

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  • Download the E-brochure of Palava City Palava City is at the epicenter of Thane, Dombivali and Navi Mumbai job triangle. One can reach Palava City by taking the Kalyan-Shil road. There are various routes that lead to Kalyan-Shil road. We will discuss about the different routes in this article. A person can reach Kalyan-Shil road […]

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  • July 10, 2014 - Lodha Palava

    Amenities in your Own World

    Download the E-brochure of Palava City There is no best place in the whole world then a person’s home. That is the reason everyone wants the best home. They do the best interior works, buy the best of furniture’s, appliances and all the stuff required for their home. The home is their ecosystem where they […]

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  • - Lodha Palava

    Central Business District

    Download the E-brochure of Palava City Job opportunities are very important for a city to sustain its citizens. When a Industry is setup in a particular area more people come to live in that place. More people live in a particular area other customer driven sectors like bank, retail and healthcare flourish in that area. […]

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