February 22, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Painting The Picture In Palava

Emily Hennessey a renowned storyteller. Emily forte is in telling myths, legends, epics, folktales, she is also familiar with Ramayan. Recently she organised an event in Lodha Palava under the topic Painting the picture with words. The show generated lots of curiosity among the youngster & it draws huge spectator as well. As this event was one of its type of event in this soon to be a smart city.

Kids seem to have enjoyed a lot through this event & they even express their interest in pursuing story telling as their career which was huge plus point of this event.  One can imagine how this mega city is encouraging children to look into different aspects of career option which was not easily accessible earlier. In Palava people are experiencing a new way of living, the place which is promoting diversity, a place which is encouraging you to follow your dreams, to build a passion & to win each situation.

This smart city is the answer to all your needs. Since the time Palava was constructed all these points were published a lot & it all seemed to be a miracle but now, that dream is a real life story & the story will keep getting grand.




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